Whole-bean coffee


Whole-bean coffee

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Fresh, expertly roasted coffee shipped directly to your door. 

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  • ETHIOPIA HAMBELA: Fruity and floral, silky body w/ juicy notes of tangerine.
  • ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE: A clean, crisp cup w/ notes of blueberry & cream.
  • SOLACE WINTER BLEND: A savory, balanced brew w/ notes of cherry, pear and clove.
  • HONDURAS FINCA CASA VIEJA: A fruity, floral cup with notes of blackberry and a crisp finish.


  • FRONT PORCH BLEND: Full-bodied, comforting w/ notes of toffee, almonds and spice
  • BRAZIL CERRADO: A dark roast w/ notes of apricot & nuts
  • COLOMBIA SANTA BARBARA: A balanced brew w/ notes of almond & dried fruit
  • COSTA RICA TARRAZU: Think crisp apple & honeyed toast
  • GUATEMALA ANTIGUA: A full-bodied cup w/ notes of chocolate & walnuts
  • SUMATRA MANDHELING: A savory, full-bodied brew w/ notes of molasses and a sweet, woody aroma
  • TANZANIA PEABERRY: Medium-bodied, slightly tangy w/ notes of cocoa & candied almonds
  • ESPRESSO BLEND: Balanced but roasted slightly dark; think chocolate cherries & walnuts
  • BRAZIL NATURAL DECAF: Full-bodied w/ notes of chocolate & dried fruit

*We strive to ship you the freshest coffee possible. In the event we are out of a particular coffee, you will be contacted with the option of waiting a few days until it's back in stock, or switching your order to a comparably priced option. Orders containing coffee generally ship on Fridays.